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Dr. Rachelle M. Neil D.D.S

Rachelle M. Neil D.D.S

Dr. Rachelle Neil studied at Weber State University and received her dental degree (and found her husband, Dr. Scott Neil) from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine in Ohio. She currently practices dentistry and is a proprietor at Summit Dental.

Dr. Rachelle has been a driving force behind Summit Dental's expansion and new branding efforts following their new office opening in 2017. She works tirelessly with her staff to create and environment that is professional, relatable, welcoming and advanced so that Summit Dental's patients receive premier care with each and every visit.

"People are getting their dentistry done – they have to. But we work tirelessly to make sure that our patients feel like this is the best place to get it done. We try to communicate that through everything that we do – hiring the right people, building out a lobby that is comfortable and welcoming, separating our treatment areas so our office is quiet and our patients feel calmed during their procedures. These extras aren't part of a business model – we do them because they are the right thing and it's the right way to change the perspective of dentistry. If we can get people feeling good about going to the dentist, we've done our job," Neil said.

Dr. Rachelle was 15 when she first discovered her love for dentistry; after watching a broken tooth be fully repaired, she was hooked on the science and technology of creating a great smile. Her passion for that technology has been a driving force in continuing to push Summit Dental to the forefront of the industry in technology and care. "Technology is all about better treatment for the patient. If we can find better treatment that is hopefully more comfortable and potentially longer-lasting, that is always better for the patient. And it's all about the patients," she said.

Outside of the office, Dr. Rachelle loves to ski, golf and travel. She is the mother of seven children and spends countless hours contributing to various community causes for Summit Dental and for her family. Her career and her time at Summit Dental have been and will continue to be a path of success that she has worked for and hopes to continue to tread. "I love business, I love dentistry and I love family. Summit Dental is the perfect way to bring all of those things together. It is all of that for me."

Dr. Scott J. Neil D.D.S.

Scott J. Neil D.D.S.

Dr. Scott Neil attended Utah State University and graduated from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine with his degree in Dentistry. He went on to receive his MBA from UNLV and he, along with his wife, Dr. Rachelle Neil, are the proprietors of Summit Dental.

After graduating from UNLV and working in Las Vegas, Dr. Scott and his family relocated to Utah to open a practice that would serve the community in a way they hadn't seen. After opening and operating Summit Dental just west of the current office, they quickly out-grew the space to accommodate their growing patient population and decided to build (literally from the ground up) the Summit Dental office that now stands on the east corner of 3200 W. and Gordon Ave in Layton.

"My vision for this office was to try and do as much under one roof as possible – our patients really like that and appreciate that they can come to one place and get all of their work done in a quick and efficient manner. We try and do as much same-day dentistry as we can and try to avoid return visits wherever possible. I wanted to create a place that I loved and hire the team that is fun to work with. I think we've done that; the merger with Dr. Hadley and his team has been a great fit and added so much to the office. Our staff is educated and caring. All of that flows through to excellent patient care," Neil said.

In addition to hiring an impressive staff, the Neils wanted to create a physical environment that was not only comfortable for their patients but offered the latest in technology, all of which would add to the overall care and well-being of those who visit the Summit Dental offices.

"We took the time to make an office that makes our clients feel welcome. We didn't think of doing it any other way. We are trying to overcome a lot of the anxiety that people have in coming to the dentist. By taking the time to design a quiet and comfortable space, out patients can feel relaxed and cared for, regardless of the procedure they are getting done. Our technology is paramount to us being successful. We invest in the latest technology because we don't want to do yesterday's dentistry. We are in this to change the perception of what it is to visit the dentist – we have to be better, more efficient, more effective, every day," he said.

Dr. Scott refers to himself as a "dental geek" – outside of the office he can be found reading the latest research on dental procedures and best practices in the industry. When he can be wrangled away from his practice, Dr. Scott loves to snow ski and water ski and be outdoors. Family is everything so spending an afternoon at a little league game or a dance competition usually takes priority over all else.

"I strive to help people become the best version of themselves." It's a reminder on Dr. Scott's laptop and evident in all that he does – particularly within the growing walls of Summit Dental.

Dr. Curtis L. Hadley D.D.S.

Curtis L. Hadley D.D.S.

Dr. Curtis L. Hadley is a graduate of Brigham Young University and the Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha and has been practicing dentistry for 20 years.

In 1998, Dr. Hadley opened Antelope Dental in Syracuse and developed practice that thrived in western Davis Country for 18 years. In 2017, he entered merger talks with Summit Dental and joined their team to create the successful practice that we know today.

Dr. Hadley has always had a patient-centered philosophy and extends care and concern to both his patients and staff. "I love to work with people, to teach them how to keep their mouth healthy and to help them develop a great smile. I love to work with my patients and co-workers, keeping them healthy and being excited about what we do. Dentistry is really rewarding. This is a fun career," Hadley said.

One of the many benefits that Dr. Hadley has seen since joining Summit Dental is the access that his patients have to state-of-the-art technology and the learning that takes place every day. "The doctors and the team members at Summit care about our patients; we have amazing technology that makes our treatments easier and faster; we have doctors that collaborate on cases; our location is convenient, we have extended hours.

It has been nice to be able to take care of general dentistry and orthodontics in one office – if there is a case where we need to discuss both, we walk across the hall. A patient can have all of their needs taken care of in one place," he said.

Outside of work, Dr. Hadley enjoys spending time with his family. He loves the outdoors: mountain biking, riding atvs, and being in the mountains, especially in Southern Utah. Dr. Hadley also enjoys plays and being involved in the arts.

Dr. Taylor Metcalf D.M.D., M.S.

Taylor Metcalf D.M.D., M.S.

Dr. Taylor Metcalf is a graduate of the University of Utah and the A.T. Still School of Dentistry. He completed is Orthodontic residency at Saint Louis University and has been practicing at Summit Dental since its completion.

Dr. Metcalf is the resident Orthodontist at Summit Dental and has found great benefit having his ortho practice running side-by-side with the dental team at Summit.

"I love being able to work side by side with the dentists on patient cases. The patients always come first. The team here is the best. Everyone is always helping each other out. The idea of coming to one office for patient care (both ortho and general dentistry) is really great – being able to get your teeth cleanings done while your wires are out is fantastic, it enhances the care," said Metcalf.

Dr. Metcalf's practice has been able to thrive in a facility with updated technology and a staff that surrounds his patients with encouragement and kindness; he and his staff work to make sure that their patients are not only comfortable but have a good time through their ortho process.

"Our rewards program is really great – the patients love it. My philosophy is to give patients the best smile that they can be proud of in the most efficient and comfortable way possible," he said. After work, Dr. Metcalf loves to mountain bike, snowboard and hike, and he loves spending time with his family whenever he can.

Dr. Corbin Stringfellow

Corbin Stringfellow D.M.D.

Dr. Corbin Stringfellow received his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah and went on to Temple University to receive his degree in dentistry; he has been practicing dentistry since 2009.

Dr. Corbin has been with the Summit Dental family for three years and works primarily out of the Summit Dental office in Roy, UT. He loves the patients that come into his office and is grateful that he is able to concentrate on their specific needs while they are in the office.

"I love that at Summit Dental we are all focused on our patients and their comfort and their happiness. It is the most important thing. I like the team that I work with; we have a fantastic office and the interaction with our patients is a key part of that," he said.

Dr. Corbin continues to build solid relationships with each of his patients as he guides them through their treatment plans and future care.

"As a dentist I hope that my patients feel comfortable and taken care of. I hope that I can build a relationship of trust and look forward to helping each patient achieve the smile they desire." In his free time, Dr. Corbin enjoys fly fishing and hunting. He has four boys that all play baseball and they are always watching their boys play or following up on the Phillies latest contests.

Dr. Daniel Theurer

Dr. Daniel Theurer D.D.S.

Dr. Daniel Theurer received his undergraduate degree from the University of Utah before going on to dental school at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. He has been practicing dentistry for eight years.

Dr. Theurer was originally a fine arts major at the University of Utah and was persuaded to take a dental class, which is where he discovered the true artistry involved in dental work.

"On the first day, I walked in to a chunk of clay on my desk and was told that we were going to carve our first molar. I was like, "I've got this!" As time went on, I realized that there is a lot more art involved in dentistry than I had ever thought – shaping and color matching. I always wanted to be an artist, and now I am!" Theurer said.

One thing that Dr. Theurer has liked about his time at Summit Dental has been his access to up-to-date technology and the growth he's experienced from utilizing it.

"I think technology makes dentistry more fun. I can perform new procedures with speed and confidence and that is good for me and my patients. My patients see us growing and learning and getting really great outcomes and that is great for them."

Outside of work, Dr. Theurer enjoys spending time with his growing family. He is the father to four children and has a fifth one on the way.

Rich Baldwin DDS

Rich Baldwin D.D.S.

Dr. Rich Baldwin is a graduate of Brigham Young University and Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. He has been practicing dentistry for four years and is a new addition to the Summit Dental family.

Dr. Rich has always been interested in becoming a dentist; having known several dentists when he was younger and finding that health services was something that sparked his interest, he decided to pursue a career in dentistry. His desire to help people continues to flow through his practice today:

"I want to do the very best for my patients – I always hope for good outcomes and am working to do the right thing for them and give them the right care," Baldwin said.

Although a fairly new addition to the Summit Dental group, Dr. Rich has enjoyed working with the staff at Summit and appreciates the environment that they have worked so hard to establish. "Summit Dental is full of well-trained knowledgeable staff. Our office runs really smoothly, and I think the patients appreciate that. The staff gives quality care; we don't just do the minimum to get by. Our care is comprehensive and that is so important in dentistry," he said.

After hours Dr. Rich enjoys hanging out with his family (he has five children) and loves a good baseball game, particularly one involving the Red Sox. A little-known fact about him is that he used to ballroom dance at BYU – he toured and performed all over the world with their ballroom dance team.

Welcome to the team, Dr. Rich!


Our dental team is welcoming, friendly and accepting. We truly care about you and your overall health. No matter your background, your oral health struggles or your experience with dentistry, you will be treated with the utmost kindness here.

Additionally, we strive to provide a stress-free dental experience for you. We take the time to communicate about your treatment in an understandable way so that you can feel confident in your decisions. We also provide the education and tools for you to maintain your oral health through proper at-home prevention. We know that a healthy smile impacts your entire well-being, and our quality care will improve both.

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